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With a ski resort and located just a few minutes from Saint-Sauveur, Morin-Heights is a municipality in the Laurentians where life is good. Do you want to buy real estate there? Or on the contrary, do you have a property to sell in Morin-Heights? Lucyne Farand offers you her professional services to ensure the success of your project.

Having been in the real estate field for ,nearly 30 years I work with individuals and entrepreneurs on diverse and varied projects, including all types of real estate purchases and real estate sales.

So, if you are looking for a real estate broker who is reliable, efficient and available, contact me. It is with great pleasure that I will put my know-how at your service to make your project a reality.

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Give your real estate project a boost

If a real estate purchase or a real estate sale can be carried out by anyone, it is not necessarily easy to succeed in bringing this type of project to fruition quickly on your own. When you want to buy a house or sell a condo without professional help, it can sometimes take much longer than expected, simply because the success of such a real estate transaction requires a real investment in terms of time and effort. energy.

Don't waste any more time and give a boost to your real estate purchase or real estate sale project by entrusting it to me. Thanks to my experience as a real estate broker and my vast network of contacts, I will be able to breathe new life into your project to enable you to realize it as quickly as possible, whether it is a sale of premises commercial or a search for a chalet for sale in Morin-Heights. You will see that with my help, you will save time!


Are you looking for a house for sale in Morin-Heights?

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Find exactly the property you need in Morin-Heights

Whether you want to buy a chalet near Lac Écho or you are looking to acquire a semi-detached property in the center of the city, with me as your ally, you can be sure that you will find exactly the property that will meet your needs.

I have a wide selection of properties for sale in Morin-Heights, including condos, chalets and houses, and it is with pleasure that I will present to you those that meet your criteria to allow you to make a transaction you can be satisfied!

And if you are a seller, I will also be happy to support you in your sales project. Whatever type of real estate you want to sell in Morin-Heights, I will be able to find the perfect buyer for you.


Discover my priorities for sale


Contact me to make your project a reality as quickly as possible!

Are you currently thinking about a real estate purchase or real estate sale project in the Laurentians? When you want to get started, contact me! I will be delighted to support you until the success of this project.

Whether you want to sell a chalet or are looking for a house for sale in Morin-Heights, I will offer you impeccable service from A to Z. Want to know more? Call me at 514 952-6316 or send me an email via the form on my contact page. I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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